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Lolita Kisses

Just my thoughts and musings. I'm a student here in FL. I have been extremely blessed with what I have in my life this far. I have a GREAT job at Universal Studios, and try to live life to the fullest. This is my personal blog, I will occasionally write my feeling on things, or state my opinion. I like fashion, animals, traveling, photography, the beach, hot guys, nature, and pretty things just to name a few. I also love theatre.



Kinda funny. I laughed




Mew-mew-mjolnir kittens!
You can adopt one of them, if you like. We ship worldwide :3

On sale again! https://www.etsy.com/listing/168518362/mew-mew-mjolnir-kitty-small

We don’t know, if after sold out this listing will be renewed again or not. So hurry up! Get it before it’s too late! )))



The costume fun at GKTW

So this photo was removed on fb. Who knows if it was reported or what. I laughed

Love it!!

Just random stuff

Just some fun.

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